Brush Your Teeth – Parents’ Delight?

Oh, so we finally have something that seems to be the need of the day for the parents, don’t we? We all know how frustrating many parents find it to teach the importance of brushing to their kids. However, many times, their efforts don’t get much of a result, with their little one still being as reluctant to brush regularly as ever.

And this is where the children’s song Brush Your Teeth comes in.

Much-Needed Nursery Rhyme?

As we mentioned above, parents may find the Brush Your Teeth kids song to be a much-needed nursery rhyme to make their children take up the habit of brushing seriously. And the Brush Your Teeth toddler song tries to do exactly that.

Brush Your Teeth!

Brush Your Teeth – this is the sentence that makes up the majority of this nursery rhyme. And this speaks volumes about the kind of emphasis it tries to place on the habit of brushing and kind of pushing your kids to start considering it as a must.

It tells them that it’s something they should be doing every day, twice a day. It makes them more interested in it by saying it’s fun, and keeps their teeth white, and their smile bright.

While you can obviously tell these things yourself to your kids, but as you have probably learned, it turns out to far from effective, However, Brush Your Teeth seems to be creative enough at conveying this to your kids in a way that may really connect better with them, helping you deal with the “evergreen” struggle once and for all.

Its Lack of Popularity is Surprising!

You might have been surprised at the fact that you never heard of such a nursery rhyme before, although it seems to be serve quite a purpose. However, regardless of whether it gets popular or not in the near future, we discussing it here on our blog may certainly help you use it as an effective tool to make the otherwise extremely challenging task way easier.

After a Bath Poem – Good and Bad at the Same Time?

When it comes to children songs, there’s a plethora of options out there. There are many different categories as well – some aimed at living healthy, some at teaching math, some at developing good personal habits and so on.

However, there also seem to be a fair few preschool songs or baby songs that don’t really serve much of a purpose. The After a Bath poem seems to be one of them.

What’s Wrong with It?

While it could have been a very useful poem all it ended up being is a poem that would help your kid with just about nothing. It’s based around the habit of bathing, but it doesn’t promote nor teaches the importance of bathing.

All it does is say that it can take too much time, and the boy that’s singing the poem even goes on to say that he would be able to save so much time drying himself up after bathing if he were a dog.

Well, we are all for saving time – that’s probably a pretty good thing to try to achieve in today’s time – but certainly not at the cost of becoming a dog.

We understand this was all just humor and perhaps a bit of a fun for the kids, but then there are so many other children’s songs that are both fun, interesting and yet serve a purpose and teach your little one something useful.

Who’s the Author?

The author of the After a Bath poem is Aileen Fisher. He isn’t a very well-known or one of the most popular kids songs poets out there, and that’s perhaps for a reason.

When there are so many nursery rhymes songs out there, you have to make something unique and different as well as serve a real purpose to stand out and not get lost in the sea of toddler songs.

An Apple a Day – The Proverb We All Grew Up Learning

If there was ever a proverb that really motivated us to care about our health, it probably has to be “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

It’s one of the most common proverbs we may have ever come across, and has originated from the Wales, a country in the United Kingdom.

What Does It Mean?

While the meaning of this proverb – which is probably also used as a children’s songs sometimes – is pretty obvious, there’s more to it than what it may seem when you first hear it. The obvious meaning is that the apple is a very beneficial fruit for your health, and you should be eating it daily if you want to avoid health issues that call for the need to visit a doctor.

However, the real meaning may be interpreted as fruits and vegetables being very healthy eating options, and can go a long way in avoiding health issues that may require you to seek the assistance of a doctor or, worse, a long-term and demanding treatment process.


As said earlier, this proverb, or one of the more popular kid’s songs of the modern times if we could say that, was first introduced to the world in Wales in the 1860s.

However, it was different and much longer than what is commonly used today, but the underlying meaning was essentially the same. The shorter version that has now become one of the most common and popular health proverbs ever had emerged as a new version of the old proverb at the end of the 19th century.

YouTube Videos

As we said earlier, the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has turned into one of the more popular baby songs. There are now many videos available on YouTube using the proverb to make preschool songs that encourage kids to eat apple.