After a Bath Poem – Good and Bad at the Same Time?

When it comes to children songs, there’s a plethora of options out there. There are many different categories as well – some aimed at living healthy, some at teaching math, some at developing good personal habits and so on.

However, there also seem to be a fair few preschool songs or baby songs that don’t really serve much of a purpose. The After a Bath poem seems to be one of them.

What’s Wrong with It?

While it could have been a very useful poem all it ended up being is a poem that would help your kid with just about nothing. It’s based around the habit of bathing, but it doesn’t promote nor teaches the importance of bathing.

All it does is say that it can take too much time, and the boy that’s singing the poem even goes on to say that he would be able to save so much time drying himself up after bathing if he were a dog.

Well, we are all for saving time – that’s probably a pretty good thing to try to achieve in today’s time – but certainly not at the cost of becoming a dog.

We understand this was all just humor and perhaps a bit of a fun for the kids, but then there are so many other children’s songs that are both fun, interesting and yet serve a purpose and teach your little one something useful.

Who’s the Author?

The author of the After a Bath poem is Aileen Fisher. He isn’t a very well-known or one of the most popular kids songs poets out there, and that’s perhaps for a reason.

When there are so many nursery rhymes songs out there, you have to make something unique and different as well as serve a real purpose to stand out and not get lost in the sea of toddler songs.

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